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2017 Ford Fusion Energi Middleton WI

We humans are big dreamers. As you go further and further into adulthood, however, it can be difficult to hold onto those dreams as the costs of reality set in. That’s when we need to dig deeper when it comes to what we buy and what we use, particularly in the world of automobiles. If you are someone who wants to save money in the long run while also driving a sleek and stylish car, the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi in Middleton WI may be just what you’re looking for.

The 2017 Ford Fusion Energi takes the impressive foundation laid by the standard Fusion model and brings the efficiency and environmental consciousness to a new level. The Energi is a plug-in hybrid that gives you the choice of using either gasoline, electric power, or a combination of the two, depending on your preferences. The Ford Fusion Energi is an opportunity at driving a cool car while saving money in the process. Let’s take a closer look.

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Efficiency is priority number one in any hybrid, and the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi delivers. It gets an estimated 104 city and 91 highway MPGe.


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Same thing, only different. The Ford Fusion Energi retains the bold and aerodynamic look of its gas-powered Fusion sibling.


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The convenient Ford SYNC 3 synchronizes your smartphone to the car for streamlined communication throughout your life.

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2017 Ford Fusion Energi drive modes and hybrid functionality

The 2017 Ford Fusion Energi is powered by a 7.6 kWh lithium-ion battery. You’ll have the choice of three different drive modes when behind the wheel:

  • EV Now mode: The Fusion operates primarily on plug-in power.

  • Auto EV mode: The vehicle uses plug-in power when it can and switches over to gas when needed.

  • EV Later mode: The vehicle saves plug-in power for use at a later time. For example, if you choose to use gasoline on the highway and electric power in a residential area, this mode will make it work.

You can also see real-time information to help you get the most efficiency out of the Fusion Energi by using the SmartGauge with EcoGuide feature. This shows you such things as the battery usage and how efficient you are being with the way you are actually driving, which comes in handy since saving money on efficiency is one reason you’re driving this car in the first place! Contact Middleton Ford if you want to learn more about the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi today.

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