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Are you a business owner? Are you in charge of managing your employer’s fleet of vehicles which are necessary for operation? Ford has long been known as one of the biggest automotive brands worldwide for generations, with countless satisfied drivers all across the globe. Did you know that Ford can also help you out on a business level? If your company requires reliable vehicles and great service to help your business succeed, the Ford Commercial Vehicle Center in Madison WI can help.

Whether you need one, ten or hundreds of vehicles for a large company, Middleton Ford can work with you. Depending on your business requirements, Ford has a number of different styles for you to choose. Are you a self-employed painter, plumber or carpenter? You may be interested in one of the Transit vans to carry your tools. Is your business in charge of clearing the pavement when it snows? You may be interested in one of our Super Duty trucks equipped with a powerful snow plow. Whatever your business, we can find the right Ford that exactly meets your needs.

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Transit & Transit Connect Super Duty Pickups & F-650 - F-750 E-Series Cutaway & Transit CC-CA Chassis Cab & Stripped Chassis
Transit Max. Payload: 4,650 Pounds Super Duty Max. Towing: 31,200 Pounds E-Series Max. Towing: 10,000 Pounds Chassis Cab Max. Towing: 26,600 Pounds
Transit Connect Max. Towing: 2,000 Pounds F-650 & F-750 Max. Towing: 37,000 Pounds Transit CC-CA Max. Payload: 5,790 Pounds Stripped Chassis Max. Payload: 18,700 Pounds
Different Configurations Available Super Duty: Best-in-Class 440 Horsepower E-Series: 6.8-Liter V10 Engine Has Best-in-Class Gas Torque Chassis Cab: Class-Exclusive Available Live-Drive Power Takeoff
MSRP Range: $22,675 - $34,470 F-650 & F-750: Offers the Only Gas Engine in its Class Transit CC-CA: Three Wheelbases and Available Uplifts Stripped Chassis: Four Available Models

Commercial vehicles and expertise at Middleton Ford

At Middleton Ford, our commercial vehicle experts have the know-how on which vehicles work best for companies. We can discuss the nature of your business and what the job entails, and we can show you the options available and which models may work best for your business while remaining within your desired budget. You can even customize some of these vehicles to fit your needs even more, as seen in the varying lengths and styles of the Transit or the options available with the E-Series Cutaway Chassis. When you make your selection, you can count on the engine power and towing capacity that has given Ford such a strong reputation. The phrase “built Ford tough” wasn't plucked from obscurity; it was carefully crafted by the brand’s longstanding reputation for quality, durability, and strength.

No matter the amount of vehicles your business requires, Middleton Ford can accommodate it. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 608-831-7725. In the meantime, take a look at the videos below to see some examples of how Ford commercial vehicles have been put to use by other businesses.

2016 Ford Super Duty pickup truck
2016 Ford Transit